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From Our President,

Dr. Exley ACC President headshotHello and thank you for your interest in employment at Alvin Community College. You can find no better community college to fulfill your career goals than ACC. In fact, ACC is not simply a place of employment, it is a place of shared vision and mission. We are devoted to the open-door admission policy as the means for making higher education a realistic opportunity to all individuals. In doing so we make it feasible for people to change the entire trajectory for their life. Our employees become part of the ACC Family whereby we are committed to caring and encouraging one another each day. We believe that success with our calling rests on the idea of ‘community and connectedness’ – our community is all of us and the power of the whole combined with individual caring makes us strong. So, again thank you for interest in joining in the mission and our shared calling at ACC.  

Robert J. Exley, Ph.D.

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